Luxury furniture
tailored to you.

Traditional Upholstery

Our team have decades of experience using traditional methods to renovate and build new, modern furniture with the finest fabrics and materials.

Made by Hand

We deliver high-quality, luxury finish and make your vision of a unique, bespoke furniture come alive. All upholstery and furniture are made by hand.

Guaranteed to Last

We offer a 15-year guarantee on all the furniture we build. So if anything goes wrong our craftsmen will address it immediately at no extra cost to you.

Luxury Pet Beds.

Durable, stylish and comfortable. On these sets your canine/feline friends will be comfortable and stylish. 

Quality design made by hand.

Made to measure furniture, designed to fit the exact contours of the room, gives you more space, comfort and style that your friends will envy.

Luxury Pet Beds.

Very often these are mini versions of the full-sized furniture. On these matching sets your canine/feline friends can be as comfortable as you are. Did we mention there is a 15-year guarantee on the pet beds too? Purrrfect!

Bring it up to its former glory.

Our talented team has experience restoring antique furniture using traditional techniques and maintaining the integrity of materials and methods.

Why Choose Us?

Our extensive knowledge of finishes and materials allows us to make every sofa and armchair completely unique and bespoke. We are passionate craftsmen with many years of upholstery experience.

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What We Do

  • Design unique furniture 
  • Choose materials and fabric
  • Source unique finishes
  • Renovate and restore antiques
  • Work with Interior Designers 
  • Reinvent spaces with bespoke, statement furniture

Interior Designer?

Punctuality, professionalism and passion of our friendly team will help you ‘wow’ your clients and our statement pieces will elevate the space and design.

Visit Workshop

We are based in West London and often work with Interior Designers directly, transforming homes in Greater London. We welcome anyone who wants to see how the furniture is made. Call now to book a visit.

+44 (0) 208 799 7441


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